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The National University of Singapore Students' Union (NUSSU) Council is the highest student legislative body in the NUS. The Council comprises of elected full-time undergraduate student representatives who are either members of the NUSSU Executive Committee (EXCO), student leaders holding leadership appointments from the 14 NUSSU Constituent Club Management Committees – 10 Faculty and 4 non-Faculty Clubs -, or 8 Associate Bodies - 6 Hall Junior Common Room Committees and 2 Residential College Student Committees. The Presidents of all Constituent Clubs and Associate Bodies are de-facto members of the NUSSU Council.



FASS CLUBNUS Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

The FASS Club strives to infuse vibrancy in the faculty, providing avenues for learning and bonding. The peer-led events, projects and initiatives give opportunities for such, and in addition, forge and strengthen friendships while creating memorable moments.

    BIZAD CLUBNUS Business School

    As the body of student leadership in NUS Business School, the Bizad Club have always sought ways to foster and build the Bizad identity amongst the populace. From orientation camps to community service projects, overseas trips to CEO talks, events that cater to the students' needs. Centreing on the school’s mission to develop Caring Individuals, Rigorous Thinkers and Influential Leaders.

      Computing ClubNUS School of Computing

      The NUS Students’ Computing Club represents undergraduates in NUS School of Computing. Its mission is to provide support for our undergraduates during their stay in NUS School of Computing by taking strides in efforts to enhance their welfare, provide leadership opportunities and provide liaising opportunities between the IT industry and them.

        DE ClubNUS School of Design & Environment

        DE Club’s vision is to spearhead and coordinate efforts aimed at the attainment of student welfare, academics excellence as well as student vibrancy. The Club has grown and matured into a strong organization over the years, with many flag-ship events being organized regularly which aim to fulfill the three main objectives of our vision.

          Dental ClubNUS Faculty of Dentistry

          The Club was established in 1949 with the objectives of promoting extracurricular activities amongst its members and the advancement of dentistry-related studies. The Executive Committee (EXCO), whose student members are elected annually by the undergraduate dental population.

            ENGIN CLUBNUS Faculty of Engineering

            Formed in 1976, the NUS Sudents’ Engineering Club is the official faculty club and sole Union Representative of all undergraduates in the Engineering Faculty. Engin Club, as we are more affectionately known, is highly regarded for its vital role in the academic and social lives of all of our 6,000 full-time Engineering undergraduates, working closely with the faculty administration to provide the best for our fellow students.

              LAW CLUBNUS Faculty of Law

              The Law Club is made up of the law students in NUS. Run by a Management Committee (MC), the Law Club MC and its subsidiary clubs organize events throughout the year, ranging from the more serious academic affairs such as the Law Careers Fair, talks by practitioners, and mooting competitions; to the more light-hearted ones like sporting challenges and chill-out evenings held at Upper Quad or the Botanic Gardens.

                MEDICAL ClubYong Loo Lin School of Medicine

                Founded in 1949 by Mr Goon Sek Mun, MedSoc has a rich heritage and prides herself as being the oldest society in NUS and one of the oldest in Singapore. We are a registered society under the Ministry of Home Affairs and our raison d'être is to look after the interests of the medical student fraternity. Currently, MedSoc serves a 1300 strong student body and plays an integral part of any medical student’s life.

                  SCIENCE CLUBNUS Faculty of Science

                  In NUS Students' Science Club, we work towards a vision of a united Science community bonded by passion and pride for our Faculty, emphasizing on friendship, trust and respect amongst fellow students. We strive to be a credible and representative Club that promotes welfare and enhance student vibrancy through our extensive outreach; formulation and execution of quality events; upholding of a positive Club image.

                    USCUniversity Scholars Club

                    The University Scholars Club (USC) is a community that champions the welfare and interests of all USP students. Through a rich suite of events, USC aims to harness the dynamism, creativity and diversity of USP students. In conjunction with USP's move to the Residential College in 2011, the club is undergoing a major transition to become the nexus of student activity in USP.

                      NON-FACULTY CLUBS

                      CACCultural Activities Club

                      Cultural Activities Club is one of the biggest non-faculty clubs in NUS. We seek to promote cultural awareness among the student population in NUS and to provide a platform where they can pick up new skills and showcase their talents. CAC consists of 9 sub-clubsBeginner courses are available for those who are interested in picking up new skills and advanced courses are also available.

                        CSCCommunity Service Club

                        CSC is also part of the NUS Volunteer Network that is established in December 2007. Together with NUSSU Volunteer Action Committee (NVAC), Red Cross Humanitarian Network and Rotaract NUS, the network seeks to provide a wider range of volunteering opportunities.

                          PAPolitical Association

                          Established in 1976, the NUS Students' Political Association enjoys the support of 18, 000 members. Our unique position as the foremost student based organisation for political expression and commentary is honoured by our unwavering commitment to encourage socio-political discourse and feedback.

                            SCSports Club

                            The National University of Singapore Students' Sports Club is one of most active student organisations in the campus. We cater to the recreational sporting needs of the NUS population. NUS Students' Sports Club comprises of a central Management Committee overseeing 26 Member Clubs.


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